Resistance training for muscle weakness in Multiple Sclerosis: Direct vs Contalateral Approach in Individuals with Ankle Dorsiflexors’ Disparity in Strength. Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 2017; 98: 1348-56.

This article was a randomised controlled trial of 30 individuals with relapsing remitting MS of mild to moderate disabilty with ankle dorsiflexion weakness.  Participants were randomly assigned to a contralateral strength training (strengthening the less effected ankle dorsiflexors) or direct strength training (strengthening the more affected ankle dorsiflexors, with 3 sessions per week on non-consecutive days for 6 weeks. This article concluded that after 6 weeks of training, Contralateral strength training proved as effective as direct strength training in enhancing performance of the more affected limb with a different time course, which may have practicle implications in management of severely weakened limbs where direct strength training is not initially possible.

The abstract for the above article can be found on the below link.


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