How do I access the services at the MS North West Therapy Centre?

Services at the MS Therapy Centre can be accessed via self-referral, GP or Neurologist referral.  Click here to download the referral form


How can I become more involved with the MS NW Therapy Centre?

Clients and supporters can become more involved (link to get involved page) in the Centre by volunteering to help out in flag days, fundraising events etc.  Please contact Liam Hunt or Vincent Hunt by calling the centre on 071 91 44748 or go to our how to volunteer page.


I am recently diagnosed with MS, is there someone I can talk to?

The MS North West Therapy Centre has a close working relationship with Sam Elliott, Case Coordinator HSE Physical & Sensory Department Sligo.  Sam specialises in MS and other neurological conditions and has a remit to advise and inform people regarding the services available to them.  Sam can be contacted on 071 91 35001 or samantha.elliott1@hse.ie.


Clients can also access the Centres Social Worker and Counsellor.


Where can I find out more information on Hyperbaric Oxygen treatment?


Referrals for Oxygen Therapy at the MS NW Therapy Centre must via separate letter from your GP.  Please see brochure.


Further information can be obtained from: Hyperbaric Hospital Treatment Trust www.hyperbaricoxygentherapy.org.uk

Medical information for medical practitioners, GP’s etc can be obtained from:

Honorary Medical Adviser, Dr Philip James, Emeritus Professor of Medicine, University of Dundee.

Consultant in Hyperbaric Medicine Phone: 0044 844 888 7990
or Petra Kliempt, Hon NHS Specialist Trainer in Hyperbaric Medicine
Email: pkliempt@btconnect.com


Download MS North West Therapy Centre Referral Form

Click here to download the MS NW Therapy Centre Referral Form


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